Implantology course for Taiwanese partner

15. června 2016

Implantology course for Taiwanese partnerImplantologists cooperating with LASAK’s Taiwanese distributor, received implantology training during May 24th and 26th, to help them to move from the LASAK IMPLADENT system to its BioniQ® system. The participants spent the first two days in Hradec Kralove in an intership at the Centre for Dental Implantology of the Department of Dentistry at Charles University in Prague’s Faculty of Medicine. On the third day, a course was held at the Research and Development Centre for Dental Implantology and Tissue Regeneration in Prague-Hloubetin.

The practical part of the course took place at the Centre for Dental Implantology in Hradec Kralove, a facility with more than 20 years of experience with LASAK implants. The participants had the opportunity to follow a complete treatment procedure, carried out by Prof. Simunek’s team. What drew the most attention, however, was treatment with immediate loaded implants.

Implantology course for Taiwanese partnerAt the Prague centre, the speakers focused on theoretical preparation and working with LASAK’s BioniQ® system. Dr. Volker Bonatz, MSc., MSc., from Germany, focused particularly on the responsible planning of implant treatment, the possibilities of immediate implantations, and augmentation techniques. He then discussed, with the Taiwanese dentists, various treatment concepts of selected cases and they exchanged experience about the importance of co-operation with an experienced dental technician.

Implantology course for Taiwanese partnerCompany Director, Jakub Strnad, PhD, presented the whole LASAK product range. Together, they vividly discussed the biomechanical properties of different implant-abutment connections and dental implant surface features, especially the original concept of the hydrophilic, bioactive surface of LASAK’s BioniQ® implants.